Flower Planting


Pictured here are our Hospitality Aides, Erik and Autumn with Michele, Activity Director/CNA and Ida, Resident Advocate/CNA/CDP planting beautiful flowers in front of our center. Some of our residents and family members have told us how happy it makes them to see all the beautiful colors. Thank you for all you hard work in beautifying our center! We also would like to give a shoutout to Harger’s Feed and Garden Supply of Glennie for their donation of some flowers and to Northwoods Landscaping of Tawas City for delivering the flowers we had purchased.


IMG_2022-06-15_13-12-54IMG_2022-06-15_13-13-07Michele IdaIMG_2022-06-15_10-54-52IMG_2022-06-15_10-54-12IMG_2022-06-15_10-21-12IMG_2022-06-15_10-52-25IMG_2022-06-15_10-52-37IMG_2022-06-15_10-53-58IMG_2022-06-15_10-21-03IMG_2022-06-15_10-20-52IMG_2022-06-15_08-41-19

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