George Middleton

“I chose Medilodge of Tawas City for myself. My friend Mike is the D.O.N. there. I chose this center because it was close to where I live, and was a shorter distance for my wife to travel to see me. There are a few departments that stood out to me. First, there is nursing: Kendra and Leeann, the main two nurses that took care of me, both did a great job, were always polite, courteous, and very caring. Stephanie and April (CENAs from first shift) are both very caring people who take their job seriously and are polite as well. They always made sure I was comfortable, asking if I needed anything. Upper management came by on daily rounds, making sure everything was going well, asking how the prior evening went. The center has an excellent therapy department. Greg, Stacy, Emily, Lana kudos to you! You all show your passion for what you do. Shower aides Amber and Hannah also do a great job. Thank you for all you do. My overall stay was excellent.”

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