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Michael B

The reason my mother and girlfriend chose Medilodge of Tawas City for my therapy is because it’s close to where I live and heard good things about the facility. I was lost and messed up in a bad way. Your staff should be really proud of themselves! The staff here are gentle, considerate, compassionate & loving.  I saw it daily throughout my stay. You (Ida) came by to see me daily to check on me, other people did this too. I felt loved here! You can do anything with GREAT people around. Greg from therapy is now a friend forever, he is a great guy. April (aide) always made me smile, we like to go back a fourth at each other making our day fun. She’s a good aide. Jenny and Brandy my speech therapists are awesome. You all have helped me to get the point going back home. Thank you, I will miss you all.

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